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The strategy for this model was to mount a 6 foot square color aerial photo onto a table in the sales center. The model shown here is of Phase One and shows the proposed changes (roads, lots, parks, etc.) and also has various color coded massing models. Roadnames are identified with custom dry transfers. New phases will nestle onto the surface like jigsaw pieces, and eventually cover the aerial context.

Model scale is 1:500


This is a 1:300 scale presentation model designed for use in a sales center. Because of the small scale and the large number of buildings, it was cost prohibitive to render the model elevations in layers as we would in a larger scale. Instead we made the buildings as solid painted massings, and then applied the doors and windows as color “dry transfer” graphics.


This large real estate orientation and sales tool features over twenty-five removable inserts and an extensive surface color code. At delivery, most of the inserts were painted a single colour and labeled as “Future Development”. When required, we can manufacture replacement inserts complete with roads, lots, buildings, trees, etc. to drop in and replace them. We retain templates and other information at our shop to enable us to do this.


Scale: 1:500


This is a 1:500 scale presentation topographic model designed for use in a sales center. It shows roads, lakes, and a golf course. Lots are color coded, and pins and string are used to show the actual lotlines, which allows for easy changes in the future (if required).


This is a 1:1000 scale presentation contour site model designed for use in a sales center. It is about 3’ by 6’ in size. It features surface coding for a golf course, lot lines, and some generic housing models. Our client supplied a road plan, but regrading was not reflected in the contours. This was done by our staff and took in to consideration minimization of cuts and fills and maximum desired grade.


This is a presentation contour model at a scale of 1:3000. It is about 10’ by 10’ and is built in four sections for ease of handling. It shows the context and details of a very large resort site.


This is a presentation contour model, at a scale of 1:1250, that shows the use of a particular technique we often suggest to our clients to show heavily treed areas on a model surface. We call it a “punched tree technique”. The way it works is that prior to cutting the contours into our foam blank, we map in the forest areas, and leave the foam there at a higher level. Then a texture that represents the treetops is punched into that surface using a custom tool. We use individual tree models to help to “soften” the hard edge of the tree blocks.

We think this strategy can be much more effective than using thousands of individual model trees which can be too visually busy, and divert attention away from the model’s focus.


This is a 1:1500 scale presentation model designed for use in a sales center. It has built-in light table under the surface and has a “light pipe” in each lot. As lots are sold a sticker is removed and a translucent cast model home is placed over the light pipe. The cast models are in different color codes to represent different housing types.

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