Foam Topography
Foam Topography


Topographic models are used by the resort, real estate and natural resource sectors to portray their development projects. Architects also use these models as bases for architectural and context models.

Topographical models can also feature in-visitor orientation centers for parks and recreation reserves.

Foam Topography

Pro Modelbuilders offers a process for the machining of 3 dimensional contoured surfaces quickly and easily and at any scale. Over 30+ years of experience goes into the production of topographic models for our clients.

Topographic models communicate and inform in a visually focused manner where other media choices may not be as effective.

This type of model is machined from high-density foam blocks. The cost of contouring a surface depends on map preparation and cutting time, which varies with the product size and complexity. Our process is most efficient when the information is contour mapped at the same scale as the model. However, we can plot, interpolate, modify and enlarge or reduce maps as necessary.

After the contours have been cut, the model can be painted monocolor or airbrushed with naturalistic color to represent actual topography, i.e. green for the lower elevations, grey and white for rock and snow at higher elevations.

For design models, we can cut contours into white bead foam at significant cost savings as compared to our urethane foam.

Topographical Model Builders

Pro Modelbuilders is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and has been in operation for over 30 years. We've been formerly known as Topographics and A /P/A Models. We will be glad to provide a quote with no obligation, based on a map and a description of your requirements.

For examples of topographic models go to our Gallery/portfolio.

Please call us for more information at (604) 649-9963.

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