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Radarsat Constellation Mission display model, 1-40 models, fying in formation on graphic display base, commissioned by the CSA for the Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Norsat Satellite

scale of 1:1

James Webb Space Telescope

scale of 1:40

Orion Capsule with Service Module

scale of 1:24

Space Launch System

scale of 1:160

International Space Station

scale of 1:25
The weight is approximately 175 lbs.
Structurally, the 1:25 model is basically three sections:

The truss and solar panels hang as a unit
The "spine" of modules hangs separately but is joined to the truss
The shuttle hangs off the end of that "spine" of modules

Pro Modelbuilders are custom fabricators and the ISS model and other space program elements can be adapted to suit your needs in terms of scale or display context.

MOST Satellite 1:1 Scale

The size of a suitcase, Canada's MOST (Microvariability and Oscillations of STars) microsatellite carries Canada's first space telescope. Launched in June of 2003 from Plesetsk, Russia on a Rockot vehicle, this modest-looking instrument probes stars and extrasolar planets by measuring tiny light variations undetectable from Earth.


We were asked to copy an existing model of the Dextre (the Canadarm’s “hand”). Scale is 1:15. The material is various plastics and some metal. All the joints are positionable.

Space Shuttle

We were asked to create a desk top model of the space shuttle at 1:100 with a movable Canadarm. We modified a commercial model and cast it in rubber molds for the shuttle. Everything else is scratch built. Small ceramic magnets hold the “arm” in place.

SCISAT-1 Model

Scale: 1:1
Client: Canadian Space Agency /Agence spatiale canadienne

SPACE SHUTTLE 1:10 scale

Model Size: over 3 meters long
Client: Boeing USA
Commissioned to augment an International Space Station model at the same scale. This shuttle is constructed of fibre-glass and is displayed hanging upside down.
The wings, tail and rocket array were removable for shipping.
Approximate weight: 180 lbs.

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