International Space Station Model
International Space Station Model


Pro Modelbuilders have been in business for more than 35 years and are professional, quality builders and fabricators of aerospace models. With all this experience, we know which questions to ask to help you get exactly what you require.

International Space Station Model

Pro Modelbuilders are custom fabricators of the ISS model and other space program elements. The version of the International Space Station model pictured below is at the scale of 1:25. The estimated weight is approximately 175 lbs. Structurally, the 1:25 model is basically three sections:

- The truss and solar panels hang as a unit
- The "spine" of modules hangs separately but is joined to the truss
- The shuttle hangs off the end of that "spine" of module

Please visit our Gallery & Portfolio for more examples of aerospace models and the construction techniques used to achieve different levels of presentation. Boeing USA - ISS Model At Same Scale

Pro Modelbuilders were commissioned by Boeing USA to augment an International Space Station model at the same scale. This shuttle is constructed of fibreglass and is displayed hanging upside down. The wings, tail and rocket array were removable for shipping. The model size is 3 meters long and the approximate weight is 180 lbs.

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